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Altitude Fantasy! The Mile High Club and Everything You Need To Know About Sex (In the Air)

The recent freak-out of the frantic flight attendant got me thinking...and that's usually a bad thing.

Most members of the Mile High Club are lying, of course. I got close twice...that is if you count a stewardess agreeing to share a room with me if we missed the connecting flight. They held the damn plane for us and my fantasy evaporated like vapor trails. Of course, we would have been on terra firma, but still, most men like female flight attendants. You are trapped up there...what else is there to think about?

The other nearly qualifying event was under a pair of courtesy blankets. It was a long time ago and we were young and in love. I'm so old now, I feel like Groucho Marx delivering that line now.

There is a mile high club of sorts HERE. I'm not taking the time to see if they are legit, so click with caution, but I laughed out loud reading the story about their founder.

Claiming you are a member of the club is like a golfer claiming a hole in one on the day he played alone...who will believe it? They have smoke detectors in the john, but not cameras. I don't think yet anyway...so your story will be just that until your confederate comes forward, and she's probably home now hoping you never call.

Most accounts seem to claim air turbulence adds to the thrill. Pfft. I hate flying so much, I'd just do it on an unbalanced washing machine at the coin-op.

The Eros Goldstripe book here is one of a dozen silly porn books designed to cash in on the best seller. No one read them, they were full of pictures. You can thank the low flying low morals of Reuben Sturman for the series.

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